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Denim jacket with embroidered back : from F as in Frank
Jeans: Cheap Mondays
Crocheted cardigan:  Frank
Floral Camisole: Frank
Shoes: Converses from, can't remember but i studded them myself!
Watch: Frank, but from the universe!!

Pompom Headband: Made by me
Denim Levis jacket: Thirfted by my BF
Broaches: Faux Chanel from F As In Frank
Shirt: F As In Frank xoxo
Shorts: Thirfted
Stockings: from Urban Outfitters
Shoes: H&M
Denim Backpack: From USED xox
Chanel Ring: USED

GWG Denim Jacket : F as in Frank
Vintage full length, sleeveless onesie: F as in Frank
Oxford Flats: Aldo Shoes
Necklaces: Frank & Kensington Market Toronto

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