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Who the F@&# is JON RED

Posted by Ben Crudo on


‘’stay away from my daughter’’ ‘’for god sakes put some pants on!!” ‘’That’s my cocktail!!’’

These are just some of the things you will hear if you spend a significant amount of time with Mr Jon Red.

Who is Mr red?

Is he the extremely talented Vintage clothing picker for ‘’F as in frank’’??? (See in store for proof)
Is he the INSANELY GOOD!! lead singer/guitar god for low fi 2 piece thrash pop band WAR BABY???
Is he the nicest guy you will ever meet???
Is he just a dude?

Well the entire above are true but there is one thing missing, one personality trait of Mr Red that is not on the list that should be.
For those who know him best, they know right now as they are reading this where I am going to go next, yep ‘’CALGARY JON’’ the guy that has slept with your girlfriend and your sister, punched you in the face because you looked like Ted Nugent, and who owes you a beer because he threw yours into the ceiling fan at a down town karaoke bar 2 weeks ago.

Calgary jon is nick name I gave jon after spending some time with him in his home town of ‘’Calgary
It was the first time I had ever seen him well proper drunked, and from that weekend on for the rest of his life when he gets to that ‘’well proper drunked’’ stage he becomes ‘’Calgary Jon’’ the law enforcer, the intimidator, the anarchist, the poet, the smooth talker but still the nicest guy you have ever met.

The Calgary Jon warning signs.

1) He might say something like ‘’dude, do you sometimes wish that fish could talk, imagine the story’s they would tell.

2) Number 2 stage is the scariest because you know that it is coming and there is NOTHING!! You can do about it, he may say something like...
‘’Have you ever seen a man brake a table with his penis?’’

3) By Now he is Calgary jon, how do you know? Well because he has thrown YOUR!! Beer bottle at a security guard and then turned and said to you ‘’I fear 0% of the time, I am a locksmith and I will UNLOCK YOUR MIND!!!’’

In a nut shell he is.....
*One of my best friends
*One of the funniest dudes I know
*The sweetest guy in the world
* and the most talented person I have met………… far.

maybe a little bit gay?.....yep. 

Last book you read
I'm reading 'Slaughter House Five', by Kurt Vonnegut

Favourite Movie
John Carpenter's 'THEY LIVE'. Watch it.

Favourite restaurant
It changes weekly. Today it's 'Veggie Bob's Organic Sandwich'!

Last concert you saw
Uh... we played with Lady Hawk last night in Kelowna. Before that it was 'Grown Ups', with 'Fucked up'. That was one of the best shows I've been to in a long time, did some crowd surfing.

Last happiness
I bought a polyphonic chorus guitar pedal, it makes cool noises.

Last sadness
Waking up this morning after last night.

Last time you turned into Calgary Jon
Last night.
Favourite piece of clothing
One of my fav's would have to be a Sonic Youth 'goo' t-shirt that I found brand new at 'Giant Tiger', a store in Ontario- when I was 13. Giant Tiger is like a liquidation store and it turned me on to hunting for worthwhile things in strange places. I remember I also found some dead stock 'The Cult' t-shirts that same day.
Favorite vintage item
Favorite vintage item, that's tough. Any jackets with old grommet zippers. Anything that came out of the chimney of an old country house. Any denim with a strap in the back. Souvenir jackets with skulls. 40's and 50's tshirts. Those kinds of things are hard to find but fun to look at in books.

Last song you heard that blew your mind
Today in our minivan we were listening to this band called space opera and it sorta blew my mind. Also The Replacements 'Unsatisfied'.!/group.php?gid=44523711511&ref=ts

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