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Staff Steeze Saturday!

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Here at Frank we like to mix up our threads as much as possible and wear our vintage gears in oh so many different ways.

Here are some of our fav staff pics for the week...

Stephi : Sweater - Thrift Store
Shorts - Thrift Store
Tights - DIY
Boots - Thrift Store

Coco : T-shirt - American Apparel
Sequin Shorts - F as In Frank
Stockings - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Sweater - Thrift Store

Jesse : Cap - Deadstock Raiders Cap, F as in Frank
T-shirt - Do or Die in Bedstuy, F as in Frank
Jeans - Levi LVC 501 redline, F as in Frank
Shoes - Air Force 2's
Drew : Jacket - 40's Wards duck canvas hunting jacket, F as in Frank
Shirt - N Robe Navy Shawl collar polo shirt, available in Japan
Jeans - Levis 1944 501 XX Big E jeans, Dutil
Shoes - Vans from Compton swap meet

Amanda : T-shirt - ruffle back t-shirt, F as in Frank LA line
Vest - embroidered and beaded vest from Urban Outfitters
Necklace - F as in Frank
Jacket - Members Only, brought in by customer
Skirt - F as in Frank
Tights - American Apparel
Boots - F as in Frank

Seth : Cap - Hornets deadstock cap, F as in Frank
Sweatshirt - F as in Frank
Shoes - Nike 56 Dunks, wouldn't you like to know?
Bleeding leg tattoo - Dan Cameron, Granville tattoos

Nathan : Shirt - Patricia the Unicorn gave it to me.....???
T-shirt - Traded it for a pack of cigarettes off a bum
Jeans - Born with them on
Shoes - Sears

Ellie : Vest - F as in Frank
T-shirt - Lynyrd Skynyrd rock tee, F as in Frank
Necklaces - F as in Frank, gifted from my twin bro for our 21st b'day
Belt & Belt Buckle - F as in Frank
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Boots - F as in Frank

Jon : T-shirt - The Rags
Jeans - The Rags
Boots - Value Village
Necklace - gifted from sister, from India

Sharona : Vest - found it
Shirt - gifted from my room mate
Pants - gifted from a friend
Shoes - Salvation Army

Drew : Vest - Thrift Store
Tank - Australia
Necklaces - Grandma
Jeans - London Town
Loafers - Beyond Retro, London UK
Bracelets - Gifted

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